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Millennium III Corporation
About MIII

Since 1976, the principals of Millennium III Corporation have utilized special skills to gather timely intelligence, provide insightful analysis, and recommend appropriate strategies in response. In the past, our firm has worked extensively assisting emerging democracies and developing states in establishing political, economic, and social ties with American policy makers and the private sector.  As a result, we have developed unique and valuable relationships in Africa, Central and South America and other nations abroad, as well as a greater network that can assist us in identifying the most important relationships to cultivate. This enables our corporate clients and institutional clients to relate at appropriate levels with foreign governments and to compete more successfully on issues important to their goals in these countries; it also allows us invaluable insight to assist foreign governments in competing for social ties, promoting sustainable economic growth, and attracting foreign investment.

Over the years, we have been active in numerous African and Latin American nations, as well as countries in the Caribbean, the Pacific Rim, and Eastern Europe. We increased these nations’ level of direct bilateral cooperation and expanded existing or initiated new commercial ties, thereby increasing our corporate clients’ abilities to develop or expand a sustainable commercial base.

Millennium III Corporation provides its respective clients with a “team” of highly experienced professionals including experienced private sector, corporate, academic, and former government experts. Our approach is tailored to each client’s specific needs. Millennium III’s prime resources are its people in Washington, D.C. and abroad. Millennium III’s principals, strategic partners, and affiliates provide timely, value-added information and unique insight to benefit our clients, and provide our corporate and institutional clients with extraordinary access to key foreign policy makers and opinion leaders. Millennium III’s strength is its ability to utilize resources effectively and to act decisively, thus equipping our clients with the best possible tools for success.

When our clients are foreign governments or agencies, we accomplish our goals by becoming completely integrated into the senior levels of our clients' economic policy structures.  Depending on the needs of the individual client, we operate directly through the agency head or ministerial level outside of Washington and/or in direct cooperation with the local embassy.  When we represent a specific agency or parastatal, we sometimes become its U.S. headquarters. In addition, as an underlying goal, most of the firm's strategic programs center on developing new or additional investment and commerce, thus we have built a specialized network among related corporations and financial institutions.

Within Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, the Pacific Rim, and in Eastern Europe, the principals of the firm have, in years past:

- advised presidential and political party campaigns

- provided coalition governments with ongoing counsel

- successfully advised on MCC Threshold qualification and Compact processes

- advised on OPIC and ExIm Bank applications and projects

- assisted with export promotion campaigns

- advised on funding proposals within the Agency for International Development for education, conservation and HIV/AIDS

-  assisted in development of environmental sustainability plans

-  sponsored habitat and wildlife conservation efforts

- invested in eco-tourism development

- advised ports authority expansion, planning, and promotion

- organized U.S. and U.N. visitors' programs

-provided training to journalists in Asia and Africa

-organized educational exchange and internship programs

-founded and managed specialized international training programs

-founded and managed U.S.-based international educational foundations focused on foreign policy; nature conservation; and economic development

In recent years, we have successfully dealt with some of the most pressing issues facing Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe, and beyond.  From peacekeeping to peace enforcement, from environmental conservation to sustainable use, from investment promotion to privatization, from military rule to multi-party democracy, the principals of Millennium III Corporation have built a proven track record and close alliances with leaders around the world.